Access to services

SerwerSMS platform gives great convenience in access to the services, apart from online panel there are few extra options that depend on the situation, facilitate the initiation of message sending or its automation.

Customer Panel via web

The main "Customer Panel" to a dispatch management is a web application / site, accessible from any web browser from any operating system.
At any time to use the system login and password is required. The panel is available 24 hours a day. The user of the system has access to SerwerSMS Customer Panel anywhere on earth from any computer that has an active Internet connection.

Available online panel is a great convenience

  • Possibility to prepare dispatch from any location.
  • Management your account from anywhere
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use.
  • Quick contact with the administrators of the system.
  • All data in one place.

See the demo

Smartphone application

We make the application available for smartphone users, which means you can easily implement a campaign for even hundreds of thousands of customers using just your smartphone. The application includes features to help you manage, implement and control campaigns in our system.

For existing and new customers

The application is available to all SerwerSMS platform users free of charge. All you have to do is create an account in our system by registering through the application or the form available on our website.

Key Features

  • management of groups and contacts,
  • import of contacts from mobile devices onto the SerwerSMS platform,
  • mass SMS, MMS and VMS mailing,
  • service response
  • reporting,
  • black list,
  • payment list,
  • and other functions...


The mobile application allows you to manage and control your campaigns and provides you with ready access to all the data processed in our system. This solution also enables you to access data in the cloud and import contacts from a mobile device and vice versa. The contacts are automatically shared in groups and accessible via standard browser. The application has been designed in accordance with all UX (utility) principles, so that each user can freely implement campaigns, regardless of where their current location.

app smartphone 6

Download and test the application

You will find that from now on the implementation of mobile campaigns will be even faster, easier and more mobile.

googleplay  appstore  


One of the interesting possibilities is SerwerSMS platform functionality which consists of sending SMS messages via email.

This completely free service in each of the packages allows the integration of contacts in one place, in one address book and email correspondence and SMS from one single programme without the need for additional tools. Below is a detailed documentation available with examples of creating keys, adding email addresses for authorized and how to create an e-mail.

The principle of operation the Email2SMS function

To send an SMS via email, you must first add in Customer Panel email address and key to this address. The next step is to create in a certain way an email. It is essential that the platform SerwerSMS could properly interpret the various components of messages and process them accordingly and then send an SMS message.
You can also take advantage of the option Forward and send messages to selected contact group. All from a single email.

Creating an authorized email address and a key

Email2SMS function is working properly, if you add to Customer Panel your authorized email address and create a key to it. E-mail address is the address from which messages are sent (the field "From:"). The key is any password consisting of upper and lower case characters (a-z, A-Z) and numbers (0-9). The key cannot contain any special characters. The message was correctly processed by SerwerSMS when your key and your email address are consistent with the data in Customer Panel. If these data will differ in any way this email will be not properly processed and thus - no SMS will be sent.

Creating an email

An example of an email, created with the help of Outlook Express, is presented below. This message must be sent to the address The subject field should include the parameters: key and number. Additional information can be also found there such as sender, report and flash. The content should be placed in the field of a message with the word "END" in the new line.

Files to download


Forward SMS

In the Forward SMS function (can be understood as: pass on a message) just send an SMS to a special number and the platform will send it to your group. After the prior configuration bulk messaging does not even require access to a computer. The whole operation is very simple and takes just few minutes.

Forward in practice

This function is to send an SMS message along with the prefix group (if the prefix is set) to SerwerSMS platform to the Access Number 503 340 503.

An example:

#GroupClover# Hi, just today until 3 p.m. the whole assortment of 20% off in stores CLOVER

The system checks if the message and the phone number is consistent with the configuration then the message goes to a temporary queue (is not sent yet). The code is sent to the sender to allow running the dispatch. After submitting this code (eg. 8439) to the Access Number 503 340 503, pending message will be sent to the selected group. The sender will get the confirmation of completion of the sent message.

Bulk messaging without the access to a computer

This feature allows you to use SerwerSMS platform without the necessity of using a computer but using only own mobile phone. This creates new opportunities for speedy implementation of dispatches regardless of the sender's location, day of week or daytime.

Control and safety

The customer has full control over sent messages. Sending a unique code to the customer and then sending it to SerwerSMS platform is designed to protect against impersonating somebody's phone number. Notification that is to be sent you can also withdraw by SMS. To do so, instead of generated code send SMS message with the text "cancel" to the number 503 340 503. Messages prepared for the dispatch will be removed then.

Several messages and activation through code at any time

You can send several messages to a temporary queue and then activate them at any time by sending the appropriate unique code. This way you can prepare dispatches by mobile phone without rushing to run them at any time. Each step of Forward SMS service is confirmed by sending the appropriate SMS message to the sender's number. In addition, from the Customer Panel you can view and manage dispatches transmitted via SMS notifications.

Examples of usage

To demonstrate better the usefulness and how to use Forward SMS, below we provide practical examples of its use:

  • Sender wants to send information about the promotion of goods, when he/she is eg. on the stock market, early in the morning or when he/she has no access to a computer. In this case, just few minutes are to complete the dispatch and inform the group of several hundred recipients with an interesting offer.
  • The sender receives the information on your mobile phone and should forward this message to a specified group of recipients. Sender reduces dispatch costs of SMS, has greater control over the dispatch and shortens the time needed to send a message. Recipients depending on the settings, may receive such a message eg. from the sender ID  field containing the sender's phone number which will further facilitate the return contact.
  • In the event of failure of Internet connection in the warehouse, shop or office, the sender is able to send the necessary information to a designated group of recipients using a mobile phone.

Additional explenations

Please do not use special characters in the content of sent messages to send. Special characters are not converted to their counterparts and the message may be unreadable. Also important is the length of the message text, because it can have up to 160 characters (including the prefix). If the message is longer, it will not be forwarded and customer will receive text message with information about the error.

Remote access

Our platform beyond the possibility of using services via web interface (customer panel) gives a wide variety of remote integration posiibilities which are automated. Due to remote communication it is possible to send notification automatically without the need for manual transfer of data between systems.

Available interfaces

  • SMS via FTP
  • SOAP
  • Email2SMS

All above interfaces are standard ones available for each user interested in activating notifications in his own system. For detailed information about remote communication see section ‘integrations’ > for programmers.

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We provide a demo version of our platform to enable a rapid assessment of possibilities of SerwerSMS without registration, purchase or signing a contract.

Demo version of Customer Panel through web

To log in to Customer Panel just use the button:

See the demo

or in login form enter the following data:

username: demo
password: demo

Demo version of remote communication HTTPS XML API

Current data that will allow you to test the remote communication that is in HTTPS XML API documentation.


Demo acces has limitations of the functionality and is a sample of the possibilities. Welcome to do account registration in our platform.

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