Sending messages

This section describes the functions available in the Customer Panel via the web and related to message sending. Descriptions concern single and bulk sms messaging but also several other automated methods to implement the campaign.

Single messaging

SerwerSMS platform has the function of a single consignment of a message. Single messaging may be used at various points when using the platform: from the dispatch form, in the scheduler, in the remote HTTPS XML API communication, e-mail2sms etc.


The recipient will receive correspondence in a very short time (typically few seconds). SerwerSMS platform has high priorities and is based on direct integration with infrastructure operators giving you more opportunities and incomparable speed.


Customer Panel allows you to enter the message to the full-scale keyboard which positively affects the speed and convenience when writing the message.


Bulk messaging

Bulk messaging allows you to advertise effectively your offer. Any, even the small company has its own customer base the user maintains contact with. The bulk messaging allows you to send one content / content to multiple recipients simultaneously. Just prepare the message, select a defined group and confirm.

Bulk messaging in marketing

This feature works well for creating various types of promotion of goods and services and in carrying out various marketing campaigns, as a great communication channel. It can also be used for purely informational, notifying customers or other interested parties about important events in the organization.

Commercial solutions make it easy

Sending multiple messages using a standard GSM phone is problematic for several reasons. To simplify this process in Customer Panel (and other access options) was a function that allows for bulk messaging. The whole operation boils down to import the contacts into the prepared group and then enter the message, select the group and the approval of the dispatch.


Campaign planning will prepare free message sending in advance without individual realization of a dispatch at specified date. System will start dispatch at the scheduled time of the campaign.

Simple planning

You can easily plan your sending. When choosing a convenient time you specify which group and which content is to be realized. Often, you have lack of time for important activities, due to this service, it will not matter whether you have just the time and Internet access. You can always plan everything in advance. Using the planned SMS dispatches, SMS campaigns can be set for the whole week where every day, at a specified daytime will be sent further information to a defined group of recipients.

Automatic message sending at the scheduled time

An important advantage of dispatch planning is no need for the activation of a specific time. So you can conveniently travel by car or go to a meeting and do not have to think about the date of message sending. SerwerSMS starts automatically at the indicated time and takes care of message delivery to recipients.

SMS scheduler

SMS scheduler is a service so you will never forget about the meeting, important events, shopping or even birthday of your loved ones. Just type the task in the scheduler and the system will remind you via SMS, employees or friends of the scheduled task or event.

The advantage of the SMS scheduler over the scheduler in your phone

Research shows that few people made yourself the habit of using the scheduler available in the phone. In addition, SMS scheduler allows you to schedule tasks to people based solely on a phone number. There is no need to integrate and synchronize with advanced software, online calendar, to enter the task to someone else. Tasks sent in the form of SMS are independent and can be planned at any time.

Once or cyclically

With our scheduler, you will plan your meetings and important dates even years ahead. It is also possible to define alerts repeating periodically. Currently, messages can be sent:

  • every day at the same time,
  • every week,
  • every month,
  • every year.

Such options apart from a single SMS notification will create a detailed scheduler of tasks and reminders of important dates and events.

InfoSMS SMS - information service

InfoSMS is an interesting addition that can be used by users of our system. With this service each user can receive text messages with the latest news from various fields.

Information available in service

  • Forex - TMS Brokerage House S.A. is the first licensed operator in the forex market in Poland since 1997. It is a leader both in terms of advisory of currency. services, brokerage, portfolio management and financial instruments of forex market. Spot transactions, forward contracts and currency options - are modern financial instruments provided by TMS Brokers in world-class trading system - TMS Direct.
  • Lotto - Sport Totalizator is the largest company engaged in gaming and lottery cash figures in the Polish market. For over 50 years! The data are updated after each drawn numbersavailable on
  • Weather - Always up to date weather forecast for selected cities in Poland. For detailed information such as minimum and maximum temperature, precipitation, cloudiness and wind. The data is updated on a regular basis.
  • Exchange rates - National Polish Bank (NBP) is the central bank of the Polish Republic. It fulfills the tasks defined in the Constitution, the Law on the National Polish Bank and the Banking Act. These laws guarantee the independence of the NBP of other state bodies.
  • Name-day and Holidays - Wikipedia is currently the largest online encyclopedia. The site contains huge amount to clarify the concepts and topics including list of names and their corresponding dates, Name-day and so called "Movable Holidays."

For all active subscription account in our system, the launch of InfoSMS service is free, the cost of sending messages from the selected information depending on the type of SMS.


Occasional SMS

Occasional SMS function is a kind of personalization but the parameter / variable of this function will cause that the actions will be given in the form of messages.

A simple tool

The function enables to send SMS messages automatically according to a predefined schedule, the date assigned to a contact. Easy-to-use tool that will remember about promotions, birthday, Name-day, anniversaries or other occasions of your friends or clients.

How does it work?

When importing contacts in any column just add the date of the occasion. Our script always checks in the morning whether by your contact is the current date. If the date is correct, the system will send an SMS with the content which has been previously defined. When preparing the occasional text message, select which column contains the date of occasion, so that at each contact you can define up to few occasions using a variety of fields available in the import.


The correct setting of Occasional SMS requires to acquaint with the rules of CSV import and with the section contact.

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