Design, implementation and execution of processes

You have in mind a specific application using SMS and would like to use it in your business. Supported by further conslulting it will certainly bring a lot of benefits and return of investment.


Companies and organisations which look for ways of efficient communication with emploees, clients or tools for modeling communication processes based on GSM ( for example SMS) and other already existing systems within the company.

Solutions and services

The projects that we realize for communication with clients and employees deal with almost all business areas: medicine, automotive, insurance. Projects deal with both internal and external communication. The first in order to increase the flow of information within organisation providing specific information for a specified business need, second  to and from customer.


Benefits for clients can be classified into groups presented below:

  • raising business profitability
  • increasing revenue
  • improving the quality of service and contact with customers
  • enhancing the quality and comfort of emloyees
  • supporting in operational decision making


Examples of communication solutions include:

  • loyalty programs
  • monitoring of charges and recovery system
  • checking customers needs and their satisfaction
  • tools for realization of dedicated, tergeted campaigns and marketing actions
  • systems for automatic notifications and alerts
  • tools for promoting sales of products and services
  • solutions raising the quality of service
  • systems for reporting and delivering important business information

Examples of processes are:

  • processes realizing the confirmation of visits to a car service or a clinic
  • reminders for expiring services and products


For our projects realization we use malinly technologies that fit into the existing infrastructure of customer and use it most effectively. We put great emphasis on integration with the existing systems (ERP, CRM,DMS,BPM,BI, etc.) and using the data stored at them. Additionally, we use automatisation so the activities identified as repetitive in the field of communication are performed automatically.

How to start?

Phone contact with a consultant. The process of project realisation is shown below:

  • idea for a process / module CUSTOMER
  • functional requirements analysis SERWERSMS
  • audit of proposed requirements CUSTOMER
  • offer and negotiations CUSTOMER AND SERWERSMS
  • project implementation SERWERSMS
  • project realization SERWERSMS
  • customer suport and SLA SERWERSMS
  • development of the project CUSTOMER AND SERWERSMS
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