SMS integration with Salesforce

The main purpose of the integration is to connect the platforms so that you can conveniently send text messages with marketing and sales messages from Saleforce. From now on, you will be able to easily and conveniently create and plan campaigns, and most importantly, coordinate them with other activities undertaken in Salesforce. This will allow for even better use of the potential in mobile communication with customers and potential customers. Bulk SMS sending and SMS marketing tools that will allow you to increase sales and upselling of products and services.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an extensive cloud-based website that integrates many tools in one place. It is not only a CRM, but a platform providing solutions in areas such as: customer support, marketing automation, sales automation, community building and customer relationship building, and data analysis.   With this extensive service, you can perfectly engage your customers with automated marketing campaigns from anywhere. This way you can scale your business better and have everything under control. Salesforce will enable the optimization of processes and even better contact with the customer. You can also use the platform to maintain relationships with employees by sending them text messages. You can also integrate with various tools, such as Slack, to make communication in the team better!

How to integrate SMS with Salesforce?

After installation, enter the App Launcher and select the ServerSMS application. Then select SMS configuration -> Create account, after which you will be redirected to the instructions for creating an account in SerwerSMS and to the necessary configuration. Now is the time to set up an account on the platform. After activating the test package or using one of the cooperation models and after providing the appropriate login data and the sender's name, you can freely use the integration. More information on integration can be found in the manual, which is downloadable in PDF format.  The service is now available! If you have a question regarding the integration of and Salesforce, please contact us and stay up to date with the latest information.

List of Salesforce and SerwerSMS integration functionalities

  • sending SMS from the form to a single number
  • campaign planning
  • overview of all SMS campaigns
  • sending SMS to a previously created campaign 
  • SMS sending from the contact list
  • ability to send SMS from the card position / contact details
  • SMS sending after specific events and preceding conditions
  • creating your own scenarios for sending short text messages
  • check reports of recently sent messages
  • defining the sender ID's
  • the ability to send SMS with numeric and alphanumeric sender ID's

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Setup and operation is via an interface implemented within the software.
It consists of handwritten implemented module by copying the files, use the installer or edit the source code of the software.
No fee for downloading the module (or run for modules installed by the manufacturer).
The direct model accounting for the purchase of sms packages is done directly on the SerwerSMS.
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