Subiekt GT

Subiekt GT is an extremely popular sales system with warehouse management. It is perfect for supporting the comprehensive service of a sales department, store or service point.  The DQ SMS application is a tool for preparing and sending SMS with the possibility of integration with the Subiekt GT program. It supports mobile marketing and sending e.g. debt collection messages. The software is dedicated to companies that want to quickly prepare SMS mailings, in particular mass mailings based on personalized message templates. You can create and edit these templates yourself. Attention! There is also a version of the program integrated with the Gestor GT application.

List of functionalities

  • Ability to create your own SMS templates using your own fields
  • Possibility to send debt collection information downloaded from InsERT Subiekt GT, Gestor GT software
  • Full history of sent messages
  • Delivery reports
  • Support for various message senders
  • Voice messaging
  • Address book accessible from DQ SMS
  • Preview of the number of available text messages in the service

How to use the integration?

Go to the DataQuest website, purchase the software and follow the instructions provided.

SMS delivery service carried out by an external application that communicates with the software at the database level.
It consists of handwritten implemented module by copying the files, use the installer or edit the source code of the software.
Contact the manufacturer of the module in order to obtain information about the charge.
The direct model accounting for the purchase of sms packages is done directly on the SerwerSMS.
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